Daughter - Book 1 of the Three Bloods Trilogy

Sixteen-year-old Rowan lives a peaceful existence in the forest village of Timberdale. But that all changes when Queen Mahina’s soldiers attack the village, infect the community with the deadly Frenzy virus, and capture the only person who can heal the ailing villagers—Rowan’s father, Victor.

Joined by her best friend, Pandy the Music-Maker, and Aadyn, a jaded young bandit, Rowan sets out on a quest to free her father from the queen's dungeons before the Frenzy wipes out the village and spreads through the kingdom.

The journey is not easy though: the queen's soldiers, and the nefarious Bloodmen—mountain bandits led by the ruthless Lynx—haunt their every step. Along the way, Rowan discovers mysterious herbs, encounters mystic creatures, and learns about the Old Magic, an ancient power that has kept the evil Force of the Shadows in check since Warrior times.

Only when Rowan conquers her doubts about Old Magic can she rescue her father and defeat Lynx and the queen's men. But then she faces an even greater challenge: how can she use the Old Magic to defeat the Force of the Shadows and avoid the darkness that threatens the kingdom with the rise of its master—Wrath?