B L Draper

B L Draper lives in northern Australia where she teaches by day and writes by night. She loves to travel and spent several years teaching English in South Korea, Mongolia, and China.

Her other passions include sustainability, nature, art, and cloud watching while relaxing in a hammock and drinking tea.

B L has stories published by Spellbound, Kids Book Review, Youth Imagination Magazine, and Ember. She enjoys writing tales for children and teens that enrich their imaginations and inspire in them a life-long love of reading. Online she can be found at bldraper.com

E M Eastick

E M Eastick was born and raised in northern Australia and pursued study and work in natural resource management and environmental engineering. She travelled and worked in Britain, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates before becoming a full-time mother and temporary resident of the United States.

At present, she is testing out Colorado and so far enjoying the sunshine and snow. She loves exploring her new landscape on foot and bike, but also treasures the time she spends in Australia, catching up with friends and family and brainstorming with her co-writer.

E M's creative efforts for children and young adults have appeared in Kids Book Review, My Kids' Adventures, and Skipping Stones Multicultural Magazine, and she is an active member of the SCBWI. Her goal is to write stories that encourage young readers to learn, to think, and to escape into the magical world of imagination.