The Three Bloods Trilogy

To be more than the mortal husk allotted to all,
 take the lifeblood of a Daughter, child of the first,
 the veinjuice of a Music-maker, he that commands the rhythm,
 the redlife of a Crown-wearer, all kneel before him.
When Threebloods combine, life neverending shall be yours.

The Three Bloods Trilogy follows the story of Rowan, the forester’s daughter, Pandy, the musician, and Aadyn, the mysterious young bandit.

Following an attack on her forest village, Rowan must travel to the forbidding city of Rockrimmon to rescue her father from Queen Mahina’s dungeons. Her best friend, Pandy joins her on her quest and the surly bandit, Aadyn makes up the third member of their party.

The trilogy follows each of the youths as they travel the land of Sommernet, from the magic-haunted forests in the south, to the treacherous oceans of the north, and eventually to the magnificent streets of Ocean City itself.

Along the way, the three encounter mystical creatures and ancient powers that must be resurrected if they are to overcome the evil being awakened by the nefarious Wrath and his earthly minions.

The land of Sommernet and the freedom and happiness of those who dwell there is at risk. Only the Daughter, the Music Maker, and the Crown Wearer can overcome such evil, but first, they must unlock the secrets of their own destinies.